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About Us

We offer the Bahamian public high quality used vehicles at affordable prices.

At Sweeting’s Auto we are dedicated to customer service, quality, integrity and everyday low affordable prices.  We offer the Bahamian public high quality used vehicles at affordable prices.  We have one of the largest selection of high quality used cars priced under $5,000 in the Bahamas.

Your satisfaction is our number one priority, therefore, to assist in your buying decision, we provide:

Cars under $5,000

Large selection of high quality used cars affordably priced under $5,000

Family Island sales

We specialize in Family Island sales and Special Orders

Affordable Prices

We offer hassle-free affordable prices without confrontational bargaining.


We offer assistance and referrals with comprehensive insurance.


We offer assistance in locating parts for your vehicle, if necessary.


We offer assistance and referrals with financing.

Family island sales & special orders

We specialize in sales to the Family Islands and make all the necessary arrangements to have your car shipped to your respective Family Island.

We can also special order any car of your choice from suppliers in the United States of America or Japan. Special orders may take up to about 4-6 weeks to arrive. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required for all special orders, with another 25% due after shipping at which time we will provide you with a copy of the Bill of Laden. When the car arrives in Nassau and physical possession and little is transferred the remaining 50% is due and payable.


We have negotiated with most of the major lending institutions in the country to provide the best possible financing options to our customers. Sweeting’s Auto will refer our customer to established banking relationships to arrange financing through the major banks in the Bahamas.

Superior service

We ensure our customers are happy with their used car from Sweeting’s Auto we stand behind the quality of our cars.

And just to make you comfortable, we offer a 30 day warranty on each engine and transmission.


Sweeting’s Auto makes having comprehensive insurance easy.

Sweeting’s Auto has established a relationship with Advantage Insurance to provide a complete portfolio of insurance products for the automobile market that best fits our customer’s needs and budget.

Through our insurance referral, Sweeting’s Auto can arrange comprehensive auto insurance on vehicles up to twelve (12) years.

Call Stephen Sweeting today at 242-424-9330

or contact him at info@sweetingsauto.com

let’s make a deal for your next used car!